Choosing The Perfect Paint Sheen

Whether you have just purchased a new home in Rowlett or you are looking to spruce up your current home, painting is the perfect way to achieve a fresh look and feel. Painting is a perfect project that you can do yourself and not have to hire anybody to get the job done. Going into a home improvement store and picking out paint colors can be easy, however, finding the sheen that fits your needs can be difficult. Most home improvement stores in the Rowlett area will carry four types of paint sheen.

The most popular paint sheen for ceilings and damaged surfaces is typically the flat paint sheen. Flat paint has a matte finish when it dries, and does not reflect light as much as another paint sheen will. Since this is the lowest paint sheen it has a higher percentage of pigments, which also means it needs the fewest coats when it comes to covering your walls. Flat or matte finish paint will cover certain imperfections in your walls because it soaks up light rather than reflects it. Although this paint will help cover up flaws, it has a medium to low rating when it comes to durability. This means it is harder to wash the walls without removing some paint with the mess. This type of paint sheen is perfect for interior rooms such as adults’ bedrooms and other rooms that do not get a lot of traffic.

The next paint type with a slightly shiny sheen is eggshell. Eggshell has a medium durability rating, cleaning much easier than a paint that has a flat sheen, and also has great coverage when it comes to covering small imperfections in your walls. Eggshell paint has a slight shine that still absorbs light rather than reflects it. This paint is perfect for rooms that will not get a lot of scuffs on the wall such as the living room or dining room.

If you need something that is going to hold up in your child’s room, the satin paint sheen is the one you will need. This paint sheen has a not very shiny, often described as a soft, look when it dries. Satin paints have a high durability rating, making it perfect for other rooms such as hallways, family rooms, and mud rooms as well as your child’s room, that get a good amount of traffic daily. The biggest issue with satin paints, however, is that it can show flaws like brush or roller strokes that were done during application, and can be hard to touch up at a later time. Satin paints are also commonly both interior and exterior paints.

If you are looking to spruce up your bathroom in your Rowlett home, you will want to choose a paint with a semi-gloss sheen. Semi-gloss paints hold up well to humidity and grease, making this sheen perfect for your kitchen as well. Plus, because it is more resistant to grime and easier to scrub it is the ideal kind of paint to use on trim around doors and windows.

The last paint sheen to consider is the high gloss sheen. This sheen almost looks plastic once the paint dries. High gloss paints will show every imperfection in your wall, so if this is the paint sheen you choose to go with remember to prep your surface beforehand. It has a very high durability rating making it great for utility rooms and doors that get a lot of dirty traffic. It is just as it sounds, very glossy, and has too much shine to use on the walls inside of your Rowlett home.

Now that the hard part of deciding which sheen you are going to use for what room or rooms you are looking to spruce up is done, the fun part begins! Picking your new paint colors!

Adding A Nursery

Congratulations on your new addition! During your nine months of pregnancy, you are as busy as you are with a newborn. Designing a nursery for your sweet new bundle of joy does not have to be stressful. From choosing the perfect crib finish to deciding on paint colors, decorating a nursery is fun and exciting.

Here are some key tips when it comes to designing a nursery in your Sachse home. Choose a theme for your nursery. Whether you are expecting a girl or boy or a surprise all together, choosing a theme can help bring more ideas to the table. While a theme is not necessary, having a specific design concept will give you a solid idea to work towards. Try to keep baby’s new items as organized as possible. Keeping your nursery simple and uncluttered will help bring a sense of calm in your baby’s room. Choose your baby’s crib bedding and curtains before deciding on other colors and accents for the room. Nothing is worse than setting up your nursery and falling in love with a bedding set or colors in curtains and realizing the colors you have already designed your nursery clash with the colors of these textiles. Draw color inspiration from these pieces for your nursery.

When painting your nursery, you do not want to choose a color scheme that is too loud. Buy many samples of different colored paints and test them out on the wall before painting the whole nursery and realizing that color just does not match, or even worse, you loathe it. Pastel color schemes as well as neutral color schemes work well for nursery’s because they are soft and inviting. They are not loud or distracting. Choose a paint brand that offers VOC-free, low odor interior paints. This will help prevent exposing your baby to dangerous and harmful fumes and chemicals.

Remember, your baby will be spending a lot of time in their nursery and most of it laying on their backs. Dress up their ceilings and walls with colorful fun decorations, keeping with the rooms theme or design concept. Babies love bright colorful objects and it gives them something to focus on rather than a plain ceiling or wall. Putting a neutral colored rocking chair in your Sachse home’s nursery is also a great design idea. There are many to choose from that will fit exactly what you are looking for. From wooden, to a mix of wooden and upholstered, to fully upholstered, these chairs will add to the sense of comfort. Adding a colorful throw pillow to the chair will keep the nursery from looking too drab. Curtains and window treatments are very important in a nursery, too. As mentioned before, your baby will be spending a lot of time in their nursery. This means napping throughout the day too. Curtains are a great way to filter out the bright light of the outdoors while still adding charm to the nursery.

Simplicity is key in designing a nursery, but it is important to not go too simplistic as this will transfer to boring. In such an exciting time of your life, decorating your Sachse home’s nursery should be just as exciting.