Boomers and Aging in Place: What does the future hold for the Silver Tsunami Wave?

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Even though most Boomers are either retired or close to retirement, that doesn’t mean they are done and are resting in their rocking chairs. Many are still in their field of industry and are consulting on their own schedule or they are volunteering in their communities. Most of the wealth and spending is with the Boomer age group and they are a force to be reckoned with as they remain the largest age group with the most spending power.

Independence with this age group is vital and being able to make decisions in regards to lifestyle, work and play has been a critical topic for discussion for not just Boomers, but for their family and friends as well.

Let’s admit it, no one wants to grow older, unless you’re in preschool and you want to grow up like your parents. Depending on the individual, growing older and aging can mean preparing for an environment where that individual can remain independent and maintain a lifestyle that is comfortable for them. Whether that individual wants to downsize to a more manageable accommodations or create an environment where movement through the space they already occupy is easy and uncombersome.

The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention defines aging in place as “the ability to live in one’s own alone and community safely, independently, and comfortable, regardless of age, income, or ability level. That sounds like a wonderful goal to shoot for, but what does that mean for Boomers? Everyone is different and will need different to meet different needs for whatever stage of life they might be in.

That being said, to have a home, office or just about any public space for that matter, meet the needs of the people that use it, those needs need to listed, addressed and quantify in a respectful, careful and appropriate manner.

When you incorporating a registered interior designer in the planning stage of a project, whether it’s a remodel or new build, that professional will take into account not only how you live, but how you entertain, how many visitors you may have, what lifestyle you would like to keep, what type of health you’re in or what type of health you’d like to be in and contingency of what might be needed in the event of incapacitation or a change or decrease in mobility.

Collaborating with an interior designer and focusing in on areas in and around the home or office where hazards may lay for individuals that have decreased dexterity or limited movement, can help create preliminary programming that can increase the effectiveness of that space.

Bathing and dressing for individuals with limited movement can be a challenge. Creating spaces that are beautiful and functional can help individuals keep a sense of dignity without taking away from design. Using curb-free showers with incorporated benches can allow individuals to access the shower area without the fear of tripping over the curb and being able to transfer easily from a wheelchair to a bench area without any physical barriers. Using beautiful non-slip materials, such as textured porcelain tiles can prevent slippage while walking into the shower area.

In addition, grab niches can be created by using half walls and niches in the design, to allow individuals to be able to support themselves or to prevent falling by being able to support part of their weight on these structures.

As our eyes age, it become difficult for some to see in dim light or to be able to detect depth perception. Creating a tile design with dramatic hue differences at transition areas or delineating different heights in the floors or walls, helps individuals with sight challenges to be able to discern changes in those critical areas, thus helping to prevent trips, falls and injury.

Using technology to help individuals transfer from areas in a space can be an effective way for designers to help clients stay safe in their environment and still retain their independence. For instance, using devices like Alexa, Google Home, Nest SmartThings, Logitech Harmony, etc. can assist individuals with things like making shopping lists, calling for help if they have fallen, helping to keep track of when medicines need to be taken, turning lights on and off as an individual moves through the space. An interior designer is able to incorporate any smart hub in the project programming in an early stage and help their clients make decisions on what is necessary for their wants and needs.

Collaboration with an interior designer that specializes and has experience in Aging in Place projects at a very early stage in the design process can be a vital tool for Boomers and their family and friends to use as they make this necessary transition into the next stage of their lives. Creating an environment where these important members of our community can feel safe and retain their freedom and dignity is very important and should be embraced by all.

Photo: Monica Silvestre via pexel

Choosing a Monochromatic Color Scheme

When it comes to buying a new home or redecorating your current home, painting is usually the first thing that comes to mind. You want your walls to make a statement without making too loud of a statement. Painting is the best do it yourself project and you do not need to spend a mass amount of money hiring painters to do the job for you. Choosing the right colors for your home, however, can be quite a bit overwhelming. Not knowing which colors clash or which colors compliment each other is where choosing a paint scheme gets tough.

When choosing a new paint color for your home’s walls, you will want to look for inspiration in an object you love that is going in the room you are painting. This item can be a chair, sofa, curtains, or a work of art. This item will become the centerpiece for your new color scheme. If your chosen item has more than one color within it then just choose your favorite color out of all of them.

If you are looking to redecorate your home in a modern, yet fool proof and sophisticated way, you may want to go with a monochromatic color scheme. This color scheme is made up of one color in varying shades. You will want to choose a color that compliments your centerpiece, but does not match the color exactly. You will not want to match your red chair to red walls, as that will bring confusion and will not be very attractive. After you have chosen your main color for your walls, you will want to choose colors in the same hue to paint your trim and accent walls. These three colors should be in dark, medium, and light shades.

Deciding what color will go where is the next step in the monochromatic painting process. If your centerpiece is dark in color, you will want to choose the lighter or medium color for the main and accent walls or if the centerpiece is lighter, you will want to choose the dark or medium colors for the main and accent walls. Next is throwing pops of color into the room you are decorating. The best way to do this is to decorate with accent pieces, such as darker or lighter end tables, throw pillows, and decorative vases. Choosing colors for your accent pieces that are contrasting in color such as white, gray, and black will give the room you are redecorating depth and variety.

The most important thing to remember when painting a monochromatic scheme in your house is to not be too boring with items. If you choose gray for your centerpiece, choose a brighter hue like yellow or purple for your paint colors. If you choose a bright blue centerpiece, you will not want to choose black for your accent or main walls. Try more neutral browns, or very light blues that compliment your piece. Lastly, remember to have fun with it! Painting and redecorating does not have to feel like a chore, especially when you are centering the whole room around a piece that you love.

Choosing The Perfect Paint Sheen

Whether you have just purchased a new home in Rowlett or you are looking to spruce up your current home, painting is the perfect way to achieve a fresh look and feel. Painting is a perfect project that you can do yourself and not have to hire anybody to get the job done. Going into a home improvement store and picking out paint colors can be easy, however, finding the sheen that fits your needs can be difficult. Most home improvement stores in the Rowlett area will carry four types of paint sheen.

The most popular paint sheen for ceilings and damaged surfaces is typically the flat paint sheen. Flat paint has a matte finish when it dries, and does not reflect light as much as another paint sheen will. Since this is the lowest paint sheen it has a higher percentage of pigments, which also means it needs the fewest coats when it comes to covering your walls. Flat or matte finish paint will cover certain imperfections in your walls because it soaks up light rather than reflects it. Although this paint will help cover up flaws, it has a medium to low rating when it comes to durability. This means it is harder to wash the walls without removing some paint with the mess. This type of paint sheen is perfect for interior rooms such as adults’ bedrooms and other rooms that do not get a lot of traffic.

The next paint type with a slightly shiny sheen is eggshell. Eggshell has a medium durability rating, cleaning much easier than a paint that has a flat sheen, and also has great coverage when it comes to covering small imperfections in your walls. Eggshell paint has a slight shine that still absorbs light rather than reflects it. This paint is perfect for rooms that will not get a lot of scuffs on the wall such as the living room or dining room.

If you need something that is going to hold up in your child’s room, the satin paint sheen is the one you will need. This paint sheen has a not very shiny, often described as a soft, look when it dries. Satin paints have a high durability rating, making it perfect for other rooms such as hallways, family rooms, and mud rooms as well as your child’s room, that get a good amount of traffic daily. The biggest issue with satin paints, however, is that it can show flaws like brush or roller strokes that were done during application, and can be hard to touch up at a later time. Satin paints are also commonly both interior and exterior paints.

If you are looking to spruce up your bathroom in your Rowlett home, you will want to choose a paint with a semi-gloss sheen. Semi-gloss paints hold up well to humidity and grease, making this sheen perfect for your kitchen as well. Plus, because it is more resistant to grime and easier to scrub it is the ideal kind of paint to use on trim around doors and windows.

The last paint sheen to consider is the high gloss sheen. This sheen almost looks plastic once the paint dries. High gloss paints will show every imperfection in your wall, so if this is the paint sheen you choose to go with remember to prep your surface beforehand. It has a very high durability rating making it great for utility rooms and doors that get a lot of dirty traffic. It is just as it sounds, very glossy, and has too much shine to use on the walls inside of your Rowlett home.

Now that the hard part of deciding which sheen you are going to use for what room or rooms you are looking to spruce up is done, the fun part begins! Picking your new paint colors!

Adding A Nursery

Congratulations on your new addition! During your nine months of pregnancy, you are as busy as you are with a newborn. Designing a nursery for your sweet new bundle of joy does not have to be stressful. From choosing the perfect crib finish to deciding on paint colors, decorating a nursery is fun and exciting.

Here are some key tips when it comes to designing a nursery in your Sachse home. Choose a theme for your nursery. Whether you are expecting a girl or boy or a surprise all together, choosing a theme can help bring more ideas to the table. While a theme is not necessary, having a specific design concept will give you a solid idea to work towards. Try to keep baby’s new items as organized as possible. Keeping your nursery simple and uncluttered will help bring a sense of calm in your baby’s room. Choose your baby’s crib bedding and curtains before deciding on other colors and accents for the room. Nothing is worse than setting up your nursery and falling in love with a bedding set or colors in curtains and realizing the colors you have already designed your nursery clash with the colors of these textiles. Draw color inspiration from these pieces for your nursery.

When painting your nursery, you do not want to choose a color scheme that is too loud. Buy many samples of different colored paints and test them out on the wall before painting the whole nursery and realizing that color just does not match, or even worse, you loathe it. Pastel color schemes as well as neutral color schemes work well for nursery’s because they are soft and inviting. They are not loud or distracting. Choose a paint brand that offers VOC-free, low odor interior paints. This will help prevent exposing your baby to dangerous and harmful fumes and chemicals.

Remember, your baby will be spending a lot of time in their nursery and most of it laying on their backs. Dress up their ceilings and walls with colorful fun decorations, keeping with the rooms theme or design concept. Babies love bright colorful objects and it gives them something to focus on rather than a plain ceiling or wall. Putting a neutral colored rocking chair in your Sachse home’s nursery is also a great design idea. There are many to choose from that will fit exactly what you are looking for. From wooden, to a mix of wooden and upholstered, to fully upholstered, these chairs will add to the sense of comfort. Adding a colorful throw pillow to the chair will keep the nursery from looking too drab. Curtains and window treatments are very important in a nursery, too. As mentioned before, your baby will be spending a lot of time in their nursery. This means napping throughout the day too. Curtains are a great way to filter out the bright light of the outdoors while still adding charm to the nursery.

Simplicity is key in designing a nursery, but it is important to not go too simplistic as this will transfer to boring. In such an exciting time of your life, decorating your Sachse home’s nursery should be just as exciting.

Design Trends That are Out

With new home design ideas coming in, some must go. People are constantly looking for new ways to decorate their homes. While some of these new ideas can increase the home value in Murphy, others do not. The preferences and needs of everybody living in the home, has to be considered. Future potential buyers, have to be considered also. With the year 2015 here, there are some home designs to stay away from.

Surprisingly, whirlpool bathtubs are no longer in. They once were something, everybody wanted. People now see them as, using too much space. Other designs for the bathroom, are sought after more. A larger shower, or vanities for both him and her. Relaxing surroundings can be made in Murphy, without using the whirlpools. It can be replaced with a sitting area, a larger shower with a rain shower head, and shelves.

As nice as a tiled counter top looks, and how popular they were, they are also out. People were happy to save the money, compared to quartz, granite, or copper counters. The reason being that you have to clean the grout. This can be a long and tedious job. The homes value will rise in Murphy, replacing this with quartz.

Satin or brushed nickel, for the hardware in the bathroom and kitchen, are preferred over brass. People see brass hardware, as being outdated. Changing the brass hardware, is easy and inexpensive. The people of Murphy, will enjoy this new look. This can be done quite fast.

Windows with no treatment is out for 2015. These windows leave no privacy, texture, personality, or color. The look is plain, with glares coming in. There is no need to hang thick layers of fabric on the windows. There should be light coming in, but at the same time able to be private. This can be accomplished by using sheer treatments, or just shades. Another idea is some panels, theses can be left open, or closed for privacy.

An idea that was useful, was desk space in the kitchen. This was placed right on a piece of counter, that was slightly lower. They were used for such things as, phone calls, bill paying, or cookbooks. Things have changed, there is no longer a need. One thing that has changed, many people do not use land lines. Recipes or entire cookbooks, are stored on iPad’s or Tablets. Paying bills can be done online, rather than writing out checks. People in Murphy will agree, it is a waste of space now. Using it as an actual counter, makes the space useful again. More storage space in the kitchen, is always a must. Use under the counter for this.

This just shows a couple things that have changed, in the designing of the home. Some designs have been overused, and now are no longer a trend. Other designs, just are not needed anymore. Whatever the reason, we have to move with the times. Change is something that continually happens, which can be a good thing.

How To Make Your Rooms Appear Larger in Your Home

When you purchased your house in Wylie, you thought all your room sizes were ideal and perfect. A few years down the road, many home owners start to feel like the rooms in their home are shrinking year after year. The amount of stuff you accumulate for your home take over and starts to feel almost suffocating. Fortunately, there are many different ways to achieve a larger room appearance, without knocking down any walls or hiring a contractor.

Firstly, you will want to organize any clutter you may have within the room that you are working on. This includes accent pieces and accessories. Having too many of these things in a small space will make the room feel chaotic and cause confusion. Try to keep around one to three key pieces in the room for decoration. Remove as many items as possible off the floor. If you want to use the items that are currently on the floor in this space, you can try placing them on a shelf or table. Giving you extra room on the floor opens up the area, making it appear somewhat larger.

If you want to go even further into making your Wylie home’s room appear larger, painting would be the next step. To attain the maximum results you will want to choose a monochromatic color scheme in light colors. Dark or bright colors will absorb light, causing the room to look smaller, where light colors reflect light, giving you the opposite outcome. Pastel paint colors as well as neutral paint colors and even white paint will give you the greatest effect. In addition to the walls, a lightly painted ceiling will give your small room depth and make your ceilings appear higher. If your ceiling is already white, giving it a fresh coat of paint never hurts since paint color tends to fade or change color over a few years.

When it comes to decorating the walls in your newly painted room, a large painting or print will make a great focal point for the room. Choosing a large work of art over several small ones will help cut the look of clutter out of the area, keeping with the simplistic style. You are also encouraged highly to use mirrors. You have probably heard the term smoke and mirrorswhen it comes to magicians, and it is perfectly fitting for this project. Mirrors give the illusion of a bigger space by reflecting light and color. Be creative with the placement of your mirrors. This can mean having mirrored furniture, or making a whole wall mirrored with mirror tiles.

When redecorating to make the rooms in your Wylie home to appear larger, remember not to use too many loud pieces in the new designs. Neutral tones with some pops of color will help keep a sense of balance within these rooms. Stay clutter free within these areas, and keep in mind that light colors reflect light while dark colors absorb light. Following these simple steps, you are sure to love your home again in no time.