Design Trends That are Out

With new home design ideas coming in, some must go. People are constantly looking for new ways to decorate their homes. While some of these new ideas can increase the home value in Murphy, others do not. The preferences and needs of everybody living in the home, has to be considered. Future potential buyers, have to be considered also. With the year 2015 here, there are some home designs to stay away from.

Surprisingly, whirlpool bathtubs are no longer in. They once were something, everybody wanted. People now see them as, using too much space. Other designs for the bathroom, are sought after more. A larger shower, or vanities for both him and her. Relaxing surroundings can be made in Murphy, without using the whirlpools. It can be replaced with a sitting area, a larger shower with a rain shower head, and shelves.

As nice as a tiled counter top looks, and how popular they were, they are also out. People were happy to save the money, compared to quartz, granite, or copper counters. The reason being that you have to clean the grout. This can be a long and tedious job. The homes value will rise in Murphy, replacing this with quartz.

Satin or brushed nickel, for the hardware in the bathroom and kitchen, are preferred over brass. People see brass hardware, as being outdated. Changing the brass hardware, is easy and inexpensive. The people of Murphy, will enjoy this new look. This can be done quite fast.

Windows with no treatment is out for 2015. These windows leave no privacy, texture, personality, or color. The look is plain, with glares coming in. There is no need to hang thick layers of fabric on the windows. There should be light coming in, but at the same time able to be private. This can be accomplished by using sheer treatments, or just shades. Another idea is some panels, theses can be left open, or closed for privacy.

An idea that was useful, was desk space in the kitchen. This was placed right on a piece of counter, that was slightly lower. They were used for such things as, phone calls, bill paying, or cookbooks. Things have changed, there is no longer a need. One thing that has changed, many people do not use land lines. Recipes or entire cookbooks, are stored on iPad’s or Tablets. Paying bills can be done online, rather than writing out checks. People in Murphy will agree, it is a waste of space now. Using it as an actual counter, makes the space useful again. More storage space in the kitchen, is always a must. Use under the counter for this.

This just shows a couple things that have changed, in the designing of the home. Some designs have been overused, and now are no longer a trend. Other designs, just are not needed anymore. Whatever the reason, we have to move with the times. Change is something that continually happens, which can be a good thing.

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