Interior Design Consultation

Cost:  $400
Level of Difficulty:  3

Package Snapshot:
Schedule initial consultation with Christine
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Enjoy our E-Book, “Creating Romantic French Provencal Interiors.”

Your initial consultation is vital to creating a successful preliminary project plan!  Be sure you’ve had a “Discovery Call” before you schedule an initial consultation.

Here are the steps to take to prepare for your Interior Design Consultation:

  • Purchase your package
  • Schedule your initial consultation
  • Collect images that inspire you
  • Have a general idea of how much you’d like to invest in your space
  • Dream it and get excited!!!!!

What should I expect from an initial consultation:

  • An initial consultation will take up to 60 minutes. We will walk the space or spaces to get an idea of the scope of the project. It would be a good idea to walk the entire space to get an idea of your lifestyle.
  • An initial consultation is a discovery meeting to find out how you (and anyone else that are in the space together) live, work and play in your space. This meeting benefits YOU, so showing how you live, entertain and work in your space is vital. While in your space, Christine will ask several questions about your project and take notes and pictures and share her findings with her team of professionals. We are ready to offer solutions for your space.
  • After the initial consultation, the design team will write up notes from the discussion and create a project plan for you to reference. In the meantime, you’ll be able to read Christine’s E-book, “Creating Romantic French Provencal Interiors.” The E-book will help you understand the design process and how it can help you realize your dreams for your space.

How you can make the best out of your initial consultation:

  • Gather inspirational images that reflect the style or feeling you’d like in your space. This helps Christine create your design and vision in your space.
  • Be sure everyone that will be using and living in the space is involved in the design process (spouse/partner, roommate(s), family, children, parents, grandparents, etc.) and have a discussion about what the level of investment you’ve set aside for your project before the initial consultation. If you’re not sure about the cost, no worries, it’s best to focus on how much time, energy and finances you think are appropriate to invest in your project. This way, Christine can determine the best design service for your project.
  • Start dreaming about your project! It’s so exciting to be able to make those dreams a reality. Christine will help make those ideas and dreams into reality. She’s able to provide resources, and she has a team in place to transform your space into a place to live in, entertain in, work in and play in. LET’S HAVE FUN and create a beautiful environment for you!
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